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Smallfoot (U)

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Smallfoot (U)

When Migo, a yeti living in the mountains with his tribe, encounters a human – previously believed to be a myth – he sets out in search of the legendary ‘Smallfoot’.

He joins up with a group of yetis who also believe that humans exist, but gets frustrated with their lack of evidence. Setting out into the wider world on his own, he undertakes an incredible adventure to prove that he’s right, and the Smallfoot is real.

Join the search for the ‘Smallfoot’ in this hilarious animated comedy starring Channing Tatum, James Corden and Zendaya.

Running time: 96 mins

Tickets: £3.00 in advance, £3.50 on the door

Saturday 27 Oct 2018
Sunday 28 Oct 2018
Monday 29 Oct 2018
Tuesday 30 Oct 2018

Box Office:
01446 738622

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