Thursday 04 January 2018

Ferdinand is a huge, peaceful bull who grew up with a caring family. He wouldn’t hurt a fly – but then he’s taken from his home and brought to the stadium.

Mistaken for a dangerous animal, he’s going to be trained as a fighting bull even though that’s the last thing he wants. Determined to get back to his family, he gathers a team of misfit animals to escape – and he’s not leaving anyone behind.

An all-star voice cast brings the story of Ferdinand to life, including John Cena, Kate McKinnon and David Tennant.

Showing: Fri 29 Dec 11am, Sat 30 Dec 4pm, Tues 2 Jan 11am, Wed 3 Jan 3pm, Thurs 4 Jan 11am, Fri 5 Jan 11am, Sat 13 Jan 1pm

Advance Tickets: £3.00 Tickets purchased on the door: £3.50

Hynt Cards accepted – Hynt cardholders are entitled to a ticket free of charge for a personal assistant or carer

2 Time Credits can be exchanged for one cinema ticket

Our relaxed film screenings are specially designed to welcome people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory or communication disorders, learning disabilities or anyone who would benefit from a relaxed environment into the cinema.

What makes the screenings relaxed? Relaxed Screenings have a less formal, more supportive atmosphere in order to reduce anxiety levels. There is a relaxed attitude to audience noise and movement, and some small changes are made to the sound levels with reduced advertising material.

Running time: 90minutes

Cast members: John Cena, Kate McKinnon, David Tennant

Directed by: Carlos Saldanha

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