Cwmni Shakespeare Brenhinol Live: Tymor Rhufain Newydd 2017 Cyhoeddodd ac ar werth

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Julius Caesar yn dechrau y tymor, gyda gwleidyddiaeth sbin a throi brad i drais mewn ras i hawlio'r ymerodraeth, after the all-conquering Caesar returns from war.




anthony thumbNext is Antony & Cleopatra. Following Caesar’s assassination and his own rise to power, Mark Anthony chooses a life of decadent seduction with Cleopatra, Queen of Eqypt, where his military brilliance deserts him and his passion leads the lovers to their tragic end.



titus thumbThe decay of Rome reaches its violent depths in Shakespeare’s bloodiest play Titus Andronicus. Titus is a ruler exhausted by war and leaves Rome in disarray, with rape, cannibalism and brutality filling the moral void at the heart of a corrupt society.



Coriolanus (date TBC) concludes the season, as famine stalks Rome and the citizens rise up. The rioting is halted by war and Caius Martius leads the Roman Army to victory, but the people turn against him and he is banished. He vows revenge and returns at the head of the Volscian army to march on Rome.

Angus Jackson, who recently directed the sell-out productions of Oppenheimer a Don Quixote, is season director for the Rome season. He will direct the opening and closing plays of the season, Julius Caesar a Coriolanus. Iqbal Khan yn dychwelyd i'r cwmni i gyfarwyddo Antony & Cleopatra, gyda Josette Simon yn cymryd ar y rôl y Cleopatra ar ôl ei ymddangosiad RSC olaf ym Michael Boyd Dream A Midsummer Night yn mewn 1999. Bydd Blanche McIntyre cyfarwyddo Titus Andronicus, yn dilyn ymlaen o gynhyrchu haf hwn o The Two Noble Kinsmen.